Meet Our Team

Barry Woodruff Landscape Design & Sales

Barry has been part of our team since 2011, and he brings a breadth of knowledge to Topeka Landscape. He knows the ins-and-outs of lawn and landscape maintenance, and he can also lead the charge on a landscape renovation of any magnitude. Having trouble with weeds or pests? Want your lawn to be vibrant and healthy? Ready to get that patio and outdoor kitchen? Barry is your guy!

Barry is also our resident master gardener. With an assortment of peppers, tomatoes, beans, and squash growing in his home garden, he always shares the bounty of his harvest with us. There’s just something magical about home-grown produce, don’t you think? We’re proud to have Barry as part of our team, and judging from the feedback we get, our clients love him too.

Call Barry: (785) 232-8873