The Landscape Construction Crew Leader / Supervisor acts as the face of the company on job sites while jobs are being completed. Not only will the Landscape Construction Crew Leader / Supervisor engage in landscaping duties with the crew, including using small tools, maintenance equipment, installing sod, segmental walls, sprinkler systems, etc., but this position is responsible for a variety of supervisory duties unique to the position. Those supervisory duties include: Get basic layout of job from designer/sales person and make sure fits needs/demands of client and client property; attend weekly supervisor meetings; coordinate directly with production manager; be responsible for inventory/materials used and total labor hours on the job site; make sure crews are at their assigned job on time; work directly with nursery manger/production manager to get accurate materials for the job as assigned; directly order some materials to job specifications if needed as work is being completed; oversee the physical layout of the job and materials; and work with crew members to accurately and efficiently complete job order to customer satisfaction.