Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Topeka, KS

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Topeka, KS

When you invest in a beautiful commercial landscape for your Topeka business, you also invest in maintaining that landscape. We understand that not everyone has the time or capability to maintain their lawn or landscape themselves, which is why we offer comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance services in Topeka. With our maintenance services, you are guaranteed a beautiful, inviting landscape for years to come.

We have been serving the greater Topeka area for over two decades. We have the experience, dedication, and tools needed to get the job done right to exceed all of your lawn care expectations.

If you are ready to schedule a service or have questions about our commercial landscape maintenance offerings, contact us online or call us at 785-289-5892 today!

Our Commercial Landscape and Lawn Care Maintenance Services in the Topeka Area

Whether you are looking to maintain a small storefront landscape or grounds around a large office park, Topeka Landscape is here to help. We have experience installing and maintaining landscapes on a wide variety of commercial landscape projects, large and small. Contact us for:

  • Annual rotations: Having a variety of flowers around your landscape is a great way to catch the eye of a potential customer. Our professional landscapers will be sure to keep them beautiful throughout the growing season.
  • Irrigation: Your professional irrigation system requires expert maintenance to stay in shape. Our commercial irrigation maintenance includes spring turn-ons, backflow testing, winterization, and seasonal adjustments. We provide irrigation services for commercial residences, athletic fields, and more.
  • Weed treatments: Weeds are pesky and often unsightly. We will take care of your landscape to ensure it is weed-free every year.
  • Fertilization: Keeping your lawn healthy and luscious is important. We will use fertilization best suited to your specific environment so that your plants get the nutrition they need.
  • Landscape renovation: When your landscaping becomes outdated or you just want to start fresh, the Topeka team is always full ideas for landscape renovation. And as a design build company, we can work with you from scratch to design your new landscape to create a new scene you are guaranteed to love.

And that’s not all! We also help with drainage, parking lot cleanup, pruning and shaping, and snow removal. Whatever commercial landscape and lawn maintenance service you need, we can do it! Contact us now to get started on your commercial landscape maintenance in Topeka.

Your Professional Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Topeka

We are your expertly skilled lawn care and landscape professionals for all your maintenance needs in Topeka. When you choose Topeka Landscape, you gain the benefits of a highly skilled and dedicated team that is committed to keeping your commercial property beautiful for years to come.

We firmly believe that your landscape should always be everything you ever dreamed of, and we never rest until you get all of that and more. We carry the tools and know how to keep your landscape gorgeous and healthy, and our friendly staff and lawn care experts are always more than glad to provide for all of your lawn care needs!

If you’re ready to get started on your commercial landscape maintenance services, contact us online now or give us a call at 785-289-5892!