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Can I mow after fertilizer has been put down in my lawn?

Yes unless otherwise instructed by the applicator. With granular fertilizer, in our experience, there have been no adverse effects from mowing or bagging clippings. The fertilizer settles into the turf and there is a very rare chance that any will get picked up with the clippings.

How long should I wait to mow when weed control products have been sprayed?

As a general rule two days is the waiting period unless instructed otherwise by the applicator.

How long should I avoid going out on the lawn when weed control products have been sprayed?

In most cases just until the application dries. It should be dry within 2-3 hours most of the time. If the chemical has a longer waiting period it will be made known by the applicator.

Can I seed after weed control products have been put down?

Most broadleaf weed control products require a 2-3 week wait period before you can seed.

When can I start putting weed control products on a newly seeded area?

You want to wait until you have mowed at least 3 times.

There are brown spots in my lawn!!! What should I do?

It would be anything from drought stress to a fungus or grubs and everything in between. It is best to have a lawn professional diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

I have a rain sensor on my irrigation controller. Why did my irrigation come on even though the ground is wet?

Most residential rain sensors do not read off of soil moisture. They are designed to keep your irrigation off only while it is raining.

When is the best time to run my irrigation?

The best time to run is early in the morning. There is less wind so the water goes where it is supposed to and less evaporation due to heat.

How can I protect my backflow device from early or late freezes?

You can insulate it with something such as hay or a thick blanket wrapped around it. This will not protect against extreme temperatures but it can protect at near freezing.

Why should I winterize my irrigation system?

The remaining water in the lines, valves, and backflow device can freeze and break during the winter and cause costly repairs.

Do I need to have my backflow device tested every year?

It is required by the city of Topeka. This is the only way to ensue that water from your irrigation system does not get back into the city water supply. We take care of the testing for you each spring when we turn on your irrigation.

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