Our Topeka Weed Treatment Program

Got Weeds? Prevent Them With Our Lawn Care Program!

Topeka Weed Treatment Program

Weeds: they’re unsightly, they give you allergies, and no matter what you do, they always seem to come right back. But, we have the solution to this pesky problem! Topeka Landscape is proud to offer our Green Select Lawn Care Program. With our weed treatment program, we set you up with a six-step schedule of regular lawn care so you don’t have to worry about weeds!

Your lawn should be a place where you can run around barefoot, relax, and unwind. If weeds are running rampant around your backyard, that can be hard to do. Let us take care of this irritating chore and get you the gorgeous, weed-free lawn you want.

Contact us online today to sign up for our weed treatment program in the Topeka area. We’ll even set you up with a $27.00* treatment special for new customers!

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The 6 Steps of Our Green Select Lawn Care Program

With our six-step program, you’ll be able to keep your lawn in top shape! And, if you want, we offer a full array of landscaping services and lawn care services. The six steps in our treatment program include**:

Step 1 – Early spring pre-emergent (Mar – Apr) – This application aids in preventing annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass and goosegrass, from germinating in your lawn while providing the grass with important nutrients that are necessary for a good spring start-up. Broadleaf weeds are also spot treated if present.

Step 2 – Late spring (Apr – May) – This fertilizer is equipped with a slow release that will allow it to be effective for a longer period of time and not injure the turf, even as the temperatures rise in late spring.  Spot broadleaf weed control is applied to control clover, dandelions, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds if present.

Step 3 – Grub control (May – June) – This application controls grubs in the lawn that cause damage. Many homeowners confuse grub damage as summer heat stress. Spot application to broadleaf weeds is done if present.

Step 4 – Summer iron fertilizer (June – July) – This treatment is easy on turf and will not stress it. It helps maintain lush green lawns during the hot, dry months when stress on turf is high. The application includes nutsedge/crabgrass spot treatment if they are present.

Step 5 – Early fall (Aug – Oct) – This application is to aid turf in recovering from the summer stress by adding a nitrogen-only product. In these prime growing conditions, the fertilizer boosts turf quality and growth while creating a thicker and more vigorous stand of turf. Spot broadleaf weed control is applied during this application to control clover, dandelions, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds if present.

Step 6 – Late fall** (Oct – Nov) – For this application we apply another nitrogen-only product.  This provides nutrients to the roots over the winter and aids in early spring green up, which produces a thicker lawn and helps crowd out germinating weeds. Spot application to broadleaf weeds is done if present.

**This program is for most lawns. We treat for weeds at every application. If you feel that you still have weeds after 2 – 5 weeks from the previous application, we will come back and spray at no additional cost. However, if the weed issue is late enough the next round of applications will be done. Each individual property may at times need other applications.  Additional applications will be a separate charge from standard lawn care program applications. Spot application to broadleaf weeds is done if they are present.

Additional Lawn Care Treatments

Not all lawns are the same, and yours may have different issues than someone across town. That’s why we offer all sorts of treatments, so we can be sure to make your lawn shine! Some other applications you might be interested in include:

  • Disease control – Applied throughout the summer to control fungus in the turf.
  • Nutsedge – Post-emergent control available during summer months during weed pressure.
  • Crabgrass – Post-emergent control available during summer months during weed pressure.

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In addition to fertilization services, we offer a full range of lawn care services. We offer professional consultations to help you find out just what your landscape needs and always work with you to find a solution. Regardless of your current weed situation, we can take care of it!

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