7 Winter Lawn Care Tips for Kansas Homeowners

Want your Kansas lawn to look lush spring after spring? Follow these 7 foolproof winter lawn care tips. Click on the image below for a printable PDF version, and hang it in your home or office so you never forget come next November!

infographic, 7 winter lawn care tips. This includes watering, fertilizing cool season grasses, staying off the lawn and removing dead leaves in the fall.

Follow these tips and have a lush, green lawn come the next Kansas spring!

1. Keep up with watering. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your lawn can survive without water!

2. Keep grass between 2.5″ and 4″. Longer grasses in Kansas encourage mice and other rodents to burrow deep within under the snow.

3. Keep leaves off your yard. Excessive amounts of leaves on your lawn can smother grass and promote snow mold.

4. Insulate roots with plenty of mulch. This helps insulate the roots and avoid extreme shifts in temperature.

5. Fertilize cool season grasses before the first frost. Late fall and early winter are the best times to fertilize cool-season grasses, which cover most of Kansas.

6. Apply weed-killer. Applying weed killer to your lawn in the fall kill both annual and perennial weeds.

7. Keep lawn traffic to a minimum. The more traffic there is on your lawn, the more damage can be done to your grass. Keep foot traffic to a minimum and keep heavy furniture and equipment, including logs, off your grass.