Fall Lawn Care Tips


While fall may signal the end of the growing season, that doesn’t mean your lawn care ends here. In fact, autumnal temperatures mean your lawn is ripe to absorb nutrients, energy, and moisture. Attentive fall lawn care is bound to lead to a luscious yard come spring. Follow our top seven foolproof fall lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy all year long!

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Fall lawn care tips infographic

  1. Rake the Leaves: Allowing your leaves to pile up blocks out nutritious light and traps moisture in your grass. Let your grass get the light and air it needs to stay healthy by raking regularly.
  2. Aerate the Soil:  Aeration enables water, oxygen, and fertilization to reach the grass’s roots, which in turn produces deeper roots and healthier soil.
  3. Keep Mowing: Cutting the grass brings extra sunlight to the crown of the grass. Shorter grass means less surface area that can turn brown during the winter.
  4. Add Fertilizer: Applying fertilizer in early fall (August-October) boosts turf quality and growth. It will help establish a thicker lawn thanks to the prime growing conditions.
  5. Sow Seeds: Fall is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs due to the warm soil temperatures, ideal air temperature, and decreased rainfall. These conditions help the young trees to adapt quickly to create a thriving root system that will, in turn, help them flourish come springtime.
  6. Continue Watering: While it is true that your lawn experiences less evaporation in the cooler fall temperatures, it is still important to keep moisture in the ground to keep grass roots hydrated, especially if your lawn is just getting established. Topeka Landscape offers seasonal adjustments to irrigation systems, so if you need a hand dialing things in, just give us a shout. We also offer irrigation design, installation, repair, and maintenance! Learn more here.

If you are unsure how to tackle fall lawn care, or simply don’t have to time to take care of it yourself, contact us now for your seasonal lawn and landscape maintenance in Topeka!