Your Guide to Annual Lawn Care in Topeka, KS

Lawn care maintenance is a year-round task and, when performed properly and consistently, provides a generous return on your investment with a lush, healthy, and vibrant expanse that is the envy of the neighborhood. While every homeowner can appreciate the end result, few have the time or energy necessary to devote to lawn care in addition to work and family life. The experienced team of professionals at Topeka Landscape are dedicated to providing the utmost in quality and service to homeowners throughout Topeka and the surrounding areas with routine lawn care maintenance using only the best products and tools.

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Routine Lawn Care Maintenance in Topeka, KS

There are a number of key elements to lawn care, some of which are easy while others require additional knowledge, time, tools or materials. Fundamental steps include:

  • Fertilizing– This process provides much needed nutrients to promote healthy growth.
  • Watering– Most lawns require approximately one inch of water per week during growing season.
  • Mowing– Grass grows based on climate. In the spring and fall, you may need to mow weekly. In the summer, you may only need to mow every other week.
  • Edging– This provides a neat, professional finish to your lawn.
  • Weed control– Weed removal and prevention methods will limit invasive weeds in your lawn and landscape.
  • Restoration– Damage from children, vehicles, pets, rodents, fungus, or other issues should be repaired in a timely manner to prevent further damage and restore vitality.

Annual Lawn Care Calendar for Topeka & Northeast Kansas

The key to effective maintenance is knowing how and when to perform each of these vital procedures as the temperatures and seasons change. While guidelines may vary depending on seasonal variations such as extreme temperatures or storm activity, lawn care maintenance tasks according to month may include:

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall




  • Protect lawns from damage by preventing vehicle or foot traffic over frozen grass.

  • Any time you have frost or temperatures that fall below freezing, try to avoid any lawn traffic.


  • Test your soil once the ground is thawed and relatively dry to detect issues and make corrections as needed

  • Begin aerating if temperatures and conditions allow.



  • Raking removes leftover leaves and debris and promote circulation once the lawn has adequately dried.

  • Apply pre-emergent and fertilizers.


  • Mowing begins at the first signs of growth.

  • Preventive herbicides may be applied to combat weed growth.

  • Trim and prune plants.


  • Routine mowing begins.

  • Spot treat emerging weeds.

  • Apply a second round of pre-emergent if necessary.



  • Apply grub prevention if needed.

  • Provide supplemental water as needed, up to one inch per week.

  • Raise mowing height between three and four inches.

  • Check ornamental plants for increased insect activity and treat if needed.


  • Maintain higher mowing heights during peak temperatures to protect roots.

  • Utilize irrigation to keep lawn hydrated.

  • Reduce lawn stress by limiting traffic and avoiding mowing during the hottest part of the day


  • Add more fertilizer if needed.

  • Add supplemental water as needed

  • Spot treat weeds as needed



  • Spot treat weeds, particularly broadleaf weeds.

  • Gradual lowering of mowing heights.

  • Aerate lawn.

  • Seed as needed.


  • Plant young trees and shrubs and be sure to give them plenty of water.

  • Remove all leaves and debris from lawn surface.

  • Reduce supplemental watering, but continue regular watering.


  • Continue to mow as long as the grass keeps growing lowering the height to slightly below normal (between 2.5” and 4”).

  • Insulate roots with mulch.

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