Green Tips for Kansas Landscaping

Don’t Bag That Grass!
After mowing, leave the grass clippings where they are instead of bagging them. Grass clippings will generate nitrogen to nourish your lawn, helping to reduce the amount of fertilizer you need, effectively saving you money in the long run.

Landscape the Foundation
Landscaping around your foundation protects this vital element of your home. It aids drainage efforts and also helps reduce your heat and cooling loss, which helps save on energy costs. Be sure to thoroughly mulch around the foundation and, if planting flower beds, slant them away from the foundation to encourage proper draining.

Block the Wind with Evergreens
Evergreens serve as great windbreaks to reduce drafts in your home, which helps your home stay at a more consistent temperature and reduces wear on your HVAC system. They can also serve as a privacy screen if you live in close proximity to your neighbors.

Landscape Properly
Proper landscaping achieves a symbiotic relationship between people and nature. It is important to hire an experienced landscaper who understands how to preserve the natural ecology of a property. A professional will design the landscape in such a way that it manages drainage, promotes natural growth, and saves household energy and water usage.

Keep the Lawn Healthy
Well-maintained lawns reduce CO2 and pollutants, stop erosion, and protect our waterways. Did you know a healthy lawn creates enough oxygen for a family of four every day? A thriving lawn is crucial to air cleanliness!

Make Some Shade
Shading air conditioner units and your home is an effective and natural way to help reduce your cooling bills.

Build an Outdoor Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Kitchen
Keep the heat outside in the summer and lower your cooling costs!

Plant Trees
Just one tree removes enough CO2 to equal 11,000 miles of car emissions. Plant some trees to do your part for the environment.

Mulch Away!
Mulch reduces evaporation and maintains moisture to reduce foundation cracking. It also suppresses weeds and breaks down into the underlying soil, gradually improving soil texture and promoting healthy growth.

Water Lawns in the Morning
Get your watering done in the morning to reduce evaporation and potential diseases, saving water and reducing your need for pesticides.

Design Efficient Irrigation Systems
A smartly-designed irrigation system can reduce water usage and save you money. Put your system on a schedule so that it waters effectively without any waste. Install a smart irrigation system to optimize your water use even further—it will analyze weather and site data to determine how much water is necessary on any given day.

Buy Local
Buying locally-grown plants and trees saves on fuel to have the plants shipped. You will also get the best results by planting trees or plants that are native to Kansas. Using native plants reduces invasive species and keeps your lawn healthy.

Seasonal Adjustments
Adjust your irrigation seasonally to avoid over-watering in the cooler months.