Fall is best for weeding out spring weeds

Fall is best for weeding out spring weeds

It’s easy to think about treating your lawn for weeds when bright yellow crops of dandelions pop up in the spring. But you can outsmart stubborn weeds with a fall treatment, which is more effective than trying to handle outbreaks in the spring.

Here’s why fall weed treatment is smart: 

  1. In the fall, weeds are sending nutrients to their roots in preparation for winter, which means treatment sprays can penetrate to the root system and work more effectively for killing the whole plant.
  2. Fall treatment prevents weeds from establishing and growing into full blooms that continue to spread and are almost impossible to eradicate, especially if you’re trying to grow healthy new grass underneath.
  3. Treating in the fall means spot treating, not spraying the whole yard. (Unless the whole yard is full of weeds.) This takes less herbicide overall, which is better for your yard and the environment.

Even if you can’t see the weeds, they’re there, ready to make their unsightly presence known in early spring.

Fall spraying can be a big job requiring special equipment. The timing of the treatment and the application can also make a difference for getting ahead of weeds. Let us do the work for you with a customized treatment that kills weeds before they spread.

Do something you and your lawn will appreciate come spring by weeding out weeds this fall!