Does Landscape Fabric Help Prevent Weeds?

One question we get asked a lot is whether it’s worthwhile to lay landscape fabric beneath mulch for weed prevention. While using landscape fabric sounds like a good idea, it’s typically a short-term fix that will eventually run its course. To explain why this is, let’s look at the different kinds of mulch and how they perform in your landscape.


4 Signs That You Have Drainage Problems and How To Fix Them

All the rain we’ve had lately has done some pretty wonderful things for the grass, shrubs, and flowers; however, when the alarm on your sump pump starts beeping and water starts showing up in places it shouldn’t, you know it means trouble for your house.

Drainage problems are commonplace in Kansas and are typically the result of poor grading and inadequately placed downspouts, but these issues don’t have to be a permanent ailment. If you can identify the issues causing the drainage problem and take the right steps to correct them, you can keep the interior of your house a whole lot drier, keeping yourself a whole lot happier in return.

The Summer When Bagworms Took Over

Our family moved into a beautiful new home this past winter. The expansive yard has healthy turf making it an ideal place for our three kids to run, and play, and cause mischief. The mature trees provide shade and allude to the promise of a tire swing and a tree house. The north side of our driveway is lined with evergreen shrubs that, over the past decade, have grown to provide screening from the neighbor’s property.

Once the dust had settled from our move, we noticed that these shrubs didn’t look as vibrant as they should. A closer look we revealed the reason why – they were completely overrun with bagworms!

After spending hours upon hours hand-picking and disposing of literally thousands of over-wintering bagworms, I thought I had taken care of them all. The next day I went out to admire the fruit of my labor. As I sifted through the branches I discovered that I had missed another 500 worms, at least. I’m sure this goes without saying, but this is not an ideal way to spend a weekend.

In lieu of this experience, and assuming I’m not the only person this has happened to, I thought we’d cover the bagworm basics so YOU can avoid a similar fate.

Today We Celebrate Trees


As landscapers, horticulturalists, and avid “outdoorsy” people, Arbor Day holds a special place in our hearts. This celebration, observed on the last Friday of April, applauds the role of trees in our lives and promotes their planting and care. We’ll be out planting today, we understand that not everyone’s schedule allows for tree planting, so here is a fun way to share the joy of Arbor Day with the kids in your life.

Best Practices for Mowing & Keeping Up with Your Yard

A well-kept, consistently maintained landscape is one of the real joys of being a homeowner. Your lawn is as much a part of your home and a reflection of your personality as the walls and windows of the house itself, and to keep the grass and landscaping of your place in great condition, there are some practices you can put into place.

Consider this blog your practical how-to guide and overall best practices you should keep in mind when it comes to your yard. Read more

Are Your Trees and Shrubs Getting the Nutrients They Need?


It’s common knowledge that people need certain essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, but did you know that plants do too? In fact, they require 17 essential nutrients just to sustain normal growth! These nutrients come from three primary sources: air, water, and soil.

Are your trees getting the nutrients they need? Keep reading to find out!!


How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good All Year Long

four season lawn care topeka ks

A great looking lawn adds to your home’s curb appeal and creates an inviting space for outdoor activities like sports, cookouts, or simply relaxing in the afternoon. With just a bit of effort and time, you can create the perfect lawn and nurture it throughout the year to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Each season in the Topeka area presents unique challenges for your lawn, but by timing your lawn care appropriately, you can make sure it has everything it needs to prosper.

For help keeping your lawn looking great in every season that we experience in Topeka, Kansas, contact Topeka Landscape today! Read more

Your Spring Landscape Revival


As Kansas winters give way to the longer, warmer days of spring, we can’t help but notice the natural revival of the landscape around us. The smell of frost is replaced by that of dew, we see buds on trees, and we hear the cheerful sounds of birds chirping. Revival is an important part of what we do here at Topeka Landscape. Our creativity is driven by the restoration of life. We want to take what you have, or what you want, and make it strong, lively, and vibrant.

So, as the chances of surprise winter weather fade away, look around your yard. Could your landscape use a bit of reviving? Check out a few of our ideas on how to liven up the scenery at your place! Read more

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning


Even though it’s been rather mild, we’re ready to say goodbye to winter! With the official start of spring just weeks away, now is a good time to start tackling those seasonal cleanups that are vital to the health of your landscape. While there are several aspects of spring maintenance (click here for a comprehensive list), one important element that relates directly to your trees and shrubs is pruning.

The wind and cold weather that comes with Kansas winters can damage your trees and shrubs. Proper pruning when spring rolls around allows sunlight and the flow of spring air to reach live stems, spurring healthy, new growth. Let’s cover a few spring pruning basics: Read more

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home’s Landscape Design

How to Maintain & Update Your Outdoor Living Space for Springtime in Kansas

With the warmer weather we’re experiencing, it is easy to start thinking about spending more time outdoors! Whether you’ll be entertaining, barbecuing, or simply relaxing in the sun, if you want your yard to look truly incredible for the upcoming season, now is the time to do a little spring cleaning and landscape maintenance. A bit of extra work in the spring can prevent weed growth, improve soil conditions, and help your plants get off to a good start.

Read more