Fire up the season
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Fire up the season

Cooler temperatures and darker evenings don’t have to mean the outdoor season is over. Outdoor fire features light up the night and offer a reason to enjoy the crisp air with friends and family. 

Outdoor fire features break down into two categories: fire pits and fireplaces.  

Fire pits are round or square installations of any size slightly elevated above the ground.

Fireplaces are large installations open on one or two sides with a chimney.

Both varieties are available in two fuel categories: gas/propane or wood-burning. 

Choosing the type you want for your homes is dependent on your purpose, preferences, and setting. 


Many homeowners want a way to spend more time in their backyard. Others want to add ambiance and natural light. Still others want a way to make s’more memories or use it for rustic cooking. 

When you think of a fire feature, how do you envision you and your family using it? What purpose does it add to your space? It can be as simple as having a place to gather. 


Wood burning fire features offer the authentic experience of the outdoors through the smell of logs burning and the fire crackling. They’re economical and relatively easy to install. The downside is it’s not as quick to get fire going with wood. They require planning to have logs and kindling on hand. They also require a little Boy Scout know-how to get the fire burning!

Gas fueled fire features are popular because getting them going is as easy as turning a valve. The gas used in the fire feature depends on the type the home is fueled by: propane or natural gas. Installation requires tapping into the line and installing safety valves. Modern gas burners emit a beautiful, authentic yellow flame that is like burning wood but without the cleanup. Gas fueled features can be large enough for gathering, or tend more toward a decorative purpose for ambiance and natural light. 

The material you choose will have a large influence on both look and budget. Materials range from manufactured blocks for a less expensive project, up to mortared limestone for bigger budgets with many customizable options in between. 


Placement is unique to each home. Generally, the feature should be close enough to the house to feel accessible but far enough from flammable structures and low growing trees to prevent fire damage. 

Extending the season and enjoying your backyard in cooler seasons means more memories and quality time with loved ones. 

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