It’s time to fall into new planting
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It’s time to fall into new planting

We’re good and ready for the cooler weather that’s promised to arrive soon and imagine you may be too.

Often, the homeowners we work with are surprised to discover that fall offers great opportunities to plant new softscapes such as:

Spring blooming bulbs

Fall planting can be more successful than spring planting because the soil is still warm from the summer sun. Warm soil is perfect for helping plants take root and develop before the cold arrives.

If you’re inclined, start perennial seeds inside, six weeks before the first frost. For our area, that’s usually in October.

After the seedlings have two or three leaves, start the process of “hardening” to get them acclimated to life outdoors. Take them outside for a few hours per day if the weather is temperate. Bring them inside at night. Gradually expose them more of the outdoors until they are ready to go into the ground.

Transplant them outside when the weather is still warm. Add compost when needed and water regularly.

It can be a lot of work to get the timing and all the steps right. We’re here to help you identify the plants that are going to thrive around your home and get them in the ground in time.

New life for your landscape is only a call away. Make your outdoor imagination your outdoor reality by calling us today!