Controlling fungus and pests

Controlling fungus and pests

One side-effect of the wet spring we’ve experienced is that mosquitoes, parasites, and fungi thrive in wet environments. 

Protect your home and your family by avoiding pitfalls and keeping watch for signs of infestation. 

Here’s how to watch for fungus, parasites, and mosquito infestations on your property:

Fungus is caused by plant roots that are exposed to water for too long. Signs of fungus include dead patches of any size or the appearance of mold on the plant. Avoid watering your lawn at night and during humid conditions. Many fungicides are very effective, but it’s important to properly diagnose the problem. Give us a call if you’re stumped. 

Parasites such as fleas and ticks can arrive through wildlife like foxes and raccoons, or from stray pets. An infested yard can quickly become an infested house if correct measures aren’t put in place. All yard treatment should also include treatment of any pets that reside there. Keeping grass short and treated is the first step to avoid bringing parasites inside. 

Mosquitoes can harbor dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus. They leave their eggs on standing water, so make it a practice to empty out receptacles where rainwater collects naturally, such as pet dishes, old tires, and bird baths. If you have a water feature, consider installing a pump to keep water moving. Lawn treatments can help ward off mosquitoes. Give us a call and we can help you figure out the best solution to keep blood-suckers away. 

Topeka Landscape offers a complete range of services including fungus and pest control to help keep your home safe, healthy, and beautiful.