Light it up
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Light it up

As we enter the dark stretch of the year, come home to the light.

Outdoor landscape lighting dramatically changes the presentation of your home’s exterior. It’s the finishing touch that welcomes you on winter evenings and warm summer nights alike. It also increases security by adding visibility to your property.

With the arrival of warm, white-light and colored LED outdoor fixtures in all variety of finishes like brass, copper, and aluminum, homeowners have more lighting options than ever. Even better, LED fixtures last up to 15 years and are completely tailored to your preferences, property features, and vision.

The options are endless. Depending on the elements you choose to light and the angles the fixtures shine against those elements, you can create entirely unique effects.

Here are a few elements that create an inviting and secure home when lit:

Home facade
Unique features

The timing and brightness of your home’s outdoor lighting are completely customizable. We can set your lights to turn on at predetermined times of the day. You can also have lighting turn on automatically with a high level of brightness and dim as darkness descends, or vice versa.

The experienced professionals at Topeka Landscape will advise you of your options to create the effect you want. Our professional installation services will make sure the transformer and wiring are reliably and safely put in place.

We can install lighting at any time of year, provided the ground isn’t frozen.

Give us a call to light up your outdoor imagination!