Tree and easy
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Tree and easy

If the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is this fall.

Right now, the soil is still warm, which helps tree roots stretch into the new soil. The harsh conditions of summer that are tough on new trees have been replaced by cooler temperatures. Fall gives plenty of time to get newly installed trees the long, deep waterings they need before the cold arrives.

Plentiful water is crucial for the survival of new trees. Trees don’t suffer because of freezing weather, they die from drying out, or what’s known as “desiccation.”

Give new trees long soakings by leaving the hose on a steady stream right by the trunk. Once it’s established—usually two weeks after planting—place the water further out to encourage roots to spread.

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Dig deep

When planting trees, it’s important to dig a hole wide enough for the tree to take root. The hole has to be at least three times the width of the root ball to allow room for roots to grow.

At Topeka Landscape, we have the equipment and manpower to plant trees larger than the average sapling. We install trees that have trunks up to 4’’ diameter, and are up to 12’ tall. At that height, new trees make an immediate difference in your yard without having to wait for a sapling to grow.

We’re happy to use our deep-rooted experience and outdoor imagination to help pick the type of tree that will fit your space and achieve your vision. We get our trees direct from the growers, so we love passing the savings to you.

There is no doubt trees are a valuable addition to your home. Their shade and beauty increase property values and can help lower energy bills, though you might see a small spike in your water bill at first if you’re doing it right!