Lawn Aeration Services in Topeka, KS

To get the gorgeous and vibrant lawn you want for your home, you could use the assistance of top-notch lawn care specialists. Fertilization, irrigation, and seeding are all vital, but you should never forget about lawn aeration!

Aeration is a staple of engendering that perfect, evenly growing lawn you want, and at Topeka Landscape we’re well-equipped and suited for meeting your aeration needs.

Topeka Landscape offers our customers the best in lawn care and reliable landscaping service. For over twenty years our locally-owned and operated team has been helping Topeka and the surrounding areas make their landscape dreams come true. We’re passionate about what we do, and we would love the chance to provide complete lawn care services for you this season!

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Lawn Aeration Services in Topeka

Aeration is a routine service that seeks to alleviate soil compaction and bare patches in the lawn. The term for the service we offer is specifically core aeration—where aeration tools are used to perforate your soil and pull up plugs that are roughly 2 – 3 inches deep and half an inch in diameter. This action allows water and nutrients to filtrate into the soil profile, and provides grass the means to grow freely, unimpeded by soil that is too dense or nutrient-deprived.

The result is a thatch-free and luscious landscape with healthier soil and grass! Topeka Landscape is proud to provide top-class aeration services to our clients. We’d also recommend seeding along with aerating, as the two services go together beautifully.

The Benefits of Aeration

  • Reduced compaction. Compaction is a common landscape issue that develops over time. Rainfall, traffic, and time will all contribute to the issue, resulting in hard, nonporous soil that grass has a hard time growing through.
  • Healthier, hardier grasses. Healthier soil allows grasses to develop stronger and healthier root networks, which results in more attractive and full growth.
  • No more bald spots. Healthier grass cultivates and spreads better, covering up bald patches that may have developed due to compacted soil.
  • Better water penetration. More porous, less dense soil allows water and nutrients to penetrate better, helping to feed and sustain your landscape for better growth in spring and late fall.
  • Weed reduction. While Kansas grasses struggle to fight through compacted soil, weeds have virtually no If your landscape is plagued by weed growth, aeration is very possibly the solution you’ve been looking for!

Landscape Aeration and Seeding in Topeka, KS

Our team is proud to offer complete landscape and lawn care services to our clients, including routine aeration and seeding. We recommend aerating at least once a year, either in spring or fall. Soil that is higher in clay content can benefit from aerating twice a year, once in both the spring and fall.

Ready to grow the gorgeous landscape you’ve always wanted this year, or are you ready for your routine aeration service? Contact Topeka Landscape today to get started!

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