Lawn Care & Maintenance in Burlingame, KS

Taking care of a lawn can be a significant task. If you love your lawn but don’t have the time or skills to take care of it, leave it to the experts at Topeka Landscape! We have been providing professional lawn care services in Burlingame for over 20 years—we know what it takes to keep a lawn beautiful and green in Kansas.

We offer a wide range of lawn care services from scheduled mowing to scheduled lawn mowing and sprinkler system installation/maintenance to law fertilization and pest or weed control! Our quality is guaranteed by our commitment to perfection and our all-encompassing services.

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Our Burlingame Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

We provide complete commercial and residential lawn and landscape maintenance services in Burlingame. You can opt to implement multiple services or just one, depending on your individual needs. Our lawn care services include:

Lawn Mowing – This includes regular mowing and grass removal, sidewalk and driveway edging, trimming, and power blowing/sweeping to remove debris.

Lawn Aeration – Aeration is vital to your lawn to enable it to breathe. This services brings air and water into built-up grass or dry, tough ground. Aeration shoes do exist, but the best results are achieved from professional aeration. We will take care of removing the plugs and ensuring an even application.

Irrigation – We specialize in irrigation here at Topeka Landscape. Our seasons can be iffy, so proper irrigation is paramount for a green lawn with no dead patches. This includes having a proper sprinkler system, which we will install, maintain, and repair.

Lawn Fertilization – Fertilization is not quite as straightforward as it may seem. Our specialists can analyze your lawn to match you with the best program for your soil and landscape, and subsequently ensure proper application to encourage consistent growth.

Lawn Installation and Establishment – Establishing a lawn is a daunting task—leave it to our expert team to create a beautiful, bright, and green lawn! We will seed, sod, weed, and feed your lawn to keep it healthy and leave your landscape in perfect condition.

Tree Care – Lawn care extends beyond grass to trees. We can trim and maintain your tree to keep them looking full and preventing potential damages from fallen limbs.

Seasonal Maintenance – When fall rolls around, lawn maintenance kicks up a notch. Bring in the professionals at Topeka Landscape for this crucial time of pruning, weeding, and touching up mulch or rocks to keep your lawn as healthy as possible so that it will flourish again come springtime.

Pest and Weed Control – Got weeds or pests? Our registered, certified, pesticide applicators have the experience to control any weed or insect problem that may develop. Our services are sure to rid your lawn of any unwelcome visitors to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful

Much, Much More – Need something done you don’t see? Give us a call! We also offer bi-weekly and bi-monthly lawn care maintenance plans throughout Burlingame to keep your landscape looking fresh.

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If you’re looking to cultivate the most vibrant lawn on the block, you’ve come to the right place! Our lawn care specialists are ready to provide whatever services you need to grow or maintain a gorgeous lawn.

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