Lawn Fertilization

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Your lawn in Topeka requires consistent care and routine service to keep looking its best. Irrigation, aeration, and consistent mowing are all critical to maintain balance and health. But by far, one of the most important factors to a perfect lawn and landscape is proper lawn fertilization.

At Topeka Landscape, our lawn care professionals have been providing the best services and products to our clients for over 20 years, and we’re focused on bringing your dream landscape to life! Our comprehensive fertilization services can ensure your landscape receives the balanced nutrition it requires for healthy, beautiful growth all year long!

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The Importance of Proper Plant and Lawn Fertilization

In many ways, plants mirror pretty much any other form of life. When fed well and fed with a healthy balance in mind, growth is stable and strong. But when your soil is starved of proper minerals and nutrients, it can sap your plants and trees, leaving them fighting to stay alive. Fertilization plays a major role in the health of your landscape, and its ability to stave off weed growth and disease. Fertilizing your landscape provides loads of benefits, including:

  • Weed and pest control. Proper nutrition helps ensure your plants have all of the micro and macronutrients they need to flourish, which can help eliminate competition with weeds and other unwanted plants. This makes your greenery much stronger and healthier, allowing them to retain their space while avoiding weed growth and insect infestations.
  • Stronger, healthier plants and grass. Well-fed grass and plants tend to be much hardier, weathering damage and the risks of uprooting much better than plants that do not receive proper care. This results in much more resilient plant life that can handle inclement weather, drought, disease, and other complications much better.
  • Uniform growth of grass. A fertilized landscape will tend to grow very uniformly, making jobs like mowing and trimming much more routine and predictable, and making your landscape much more even and vibrant.
  • Prevents nutrient-leaching during heavy rainfall. Seasons with heavy rain can often rob your landscape of healthy nutrients, and can lead to plants and grass “starving” and withering. Professional fertilization helps to avoid this problem!

Professional Plant and Grass Fertilizing Services

At Topeka Landscape, we’ve been caring for the landscapes and lawns of our patrons for years. To ensure your lawn gets all that it needs, we make use of proven techniques and products for our fertilization services. When you choose to work with us at Topeka Landscape, you’re getting the whole package! Our team will:

  • Determine the best fertilizers to meet your landscape’s needs
  • Create a plan to evenly distribute and care for your landscape using the chosen fertilizer and materials
  • Generate a routine schedule to professionally time the application of proper fertilizer to your landscape

Our services are never a one-and-done thing. We want you to have and keep the landscape you deserve, and all of our services are geared toward meeting that exact goal!

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