Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation in Topeka, KS

Complete Your Landscape with an Outdoor Kitchen

Searching for the ultimate in outdoor living and decadent design? Tired of shuffling back and forth from the backyard to the kitchen? Then an outdoor kitchen from Topeka Landscape is nearly guaranteed to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of!
Our team at Topeka Landscape has been building realities from the dreams of our patrons for over twenty years. Working with us, you can rest assured that your ideals, needs, and goals are always our top concern! Flawless design and limitless options are guaranteed with our master craftsmen and seasoned design experts.

Ready to get started building the outdoor cooking experience you’ve always wanted? Reach out to us today online, and don’t forget to view our outdoor kitchen gallery!

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Features

When you hear “outdoor kitchen,” what do you think of? Maybe a grill sitting on some pavers, or perhaps an island with a small refrigerator set up. Well, these are certainly possibilities. But with Topeka Landscape, we would urge you to dream a little bigger:

  • Outdoor grilling. The appeal of grilling is strong on a sunny Kansas evening, and if that’s your outdoor dream, we’ve got you covered.
  • Ovens and ranges. Grilling is great, but why stay so limited? Prepare your meats and meals while keeping fresh corn on to simmer! Sautée wild mushrooms, bake an apple cobbler, do whatever you please; it’s all possible with an outdoor oven setup.
  • Outdoor smoker and barbeque setups. If there’s one thing Kansans know, it’s that there’s nothing more alluring than slow smoked meats. Make your outdoor kitchen the envy of your neighborhood with the appealing aroma of your own customized smoker design.
  • Fire pits. Simple and inviting, a fire pit provides an excellent method of spit-roasting or even preparing something as simple as a round of sweet, sweet s’mores.
  • “Bar” style outdoor kitchen. With gorgeous, sprawling countertops and ample seating, make your outdoor kitchen space into a classic pub venue!

When it comes to outdoor kitchen design, there is absolutely no limit. Structure your kitchen on gorgeous pavers, designed concrete, cut stone; it’s all very possible. Utilize cut marble for a luxurious, functional countertops. Add storage and space for decoration with cabinetry, shelving, and islands. Install dynamic lighting for unparalleled evening cookouts. If you can think it, we can provide it!

Outdoor Kitchens in Topeka and Surrounding Areas

Build the ultimate expression of your artistic dreams with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen for your Topeka home! Our expert landscape and design team can provide all of the expertise and skill to transform your ideas into realities, and nothing would make us happier! Contact our team today to learn more about our outdoor kitchen services, or to begin your build today!

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