Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting in Topeka, KS

Outdoor lighting in Topeka can mean a lot of different things. When designed properly it can provide safety and security, and, of course, it brings a barrel of aesthetic appeal. The team at Topeka Landscape has been helping homeowners install the perfect landscape lighting for years, and we would love to help you create the outdoor lighting solution you’ve been wanting.

Looking forward to flawless lighting design for your Topeka, Kansas home? Contact Topeka Landscape today to work with our top-class design and installation teams! Curious about what we’ve done in the past? Check out our lighting gallery!

Types of Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re looking to improve the security and safety of your home or to highlight your gorgeous landscape, our experts have you covered with:

  • Spot lighting. Accent and spot lighting is often used to illuminate particularly attractive features in your landscape and can be particularly impressive in wide open Kansas spaces. Trees, hardscape features, and landscape art are all great candidates, and outdoor lighting can really make these features pop in the late evenings.
  • Path and driveway lighting. Path and driveway lighting is a great way to make your home both inviting and safe. Illuminated pathways are simply gorgeous, and also prevent any risk of tripping at night.
  • Wall and wash lighting. By utilizing broad flood lighting, this style of outdoor lighting can be used to accentuate the beauty of your home or to provide dynamic light to shrubs and landscape features.
  • Underwater lighting. Beautify a fountain or pool with excellent underwater lighting options to really make your landscape dance at night. Underwater lighting for pools and spas also adds a layer of safety and ensures any mid-evening parties or get-togethers have plenty of light.
  • Dynamic lighting. Dynamic lighting can branch into many categories, including silhouetting, cross-lighting, and shadowing. These options are really fun to add a lot of visual appeal and to define key features of your landscape.
  • Safety lighting. Proper lighting can dissuade would-be intruders and prevent harmful risks like falling in the dark. Our experts can help you design a lighting solution that is sure to help you and your family stay safe!

One of the greatest things about lighting is that it essentially has no limits. Lighting can turn something ordinary into something spectacular. You can mold light to suit your needs no matter what you’re looking for, and our experts are here to help you turn your design ideas become a reality!

Outdoor Lighting Installation with Topeka Landscape

Allow our team the opportunity to assist you in creating your ideal landscape! When you’re ready to install the lighting you’ve always wanted, our design and installation team is ready to help. To learn more, or to set a date for your consultation, contact us today!