Meet Our Team

Blain Bertrand Landscape Design & Sales, Owner

When Topeka Landscape was founded, Blain was at its helm. He’s one of those big-picture kind of guys that’s interested in the mechanics of success, not just the theory of it. Blain firmly believes that high-quality work leads to sustainable business, and that spirit is what drives Topeka Landscape.

Beyond being one of Topeka’s best landscape designers, Blain brings something very special to our company culture: resilience. Whether he’s coaching us professionally, pushing us physically, or offering opportunities for advancement and education, Blain’s lessons always come back to resilience. “You will always come across challenges,” he’ll say, “but those challenges are not greater than us individually, and they’re definitely not greater than us collectively.”

Always quick to lend a hand, and always eager to support and nurture the things that make us happy, Blain is a leader in the truest sense of the word.

Call Blain: (785) 232-8873