Tree Care Services in Topeka, KS

Your landscape requires routine attention to keep it in good health, and your trees are no exception! Trees may be hardier than grass, but they still require consistent attention and balanced nutrition to ward off disease and to grow to their fullest potential. Topeka Landscape offers complete tree care services, letting you rest easy knowing your beloved foliage is in good hands.

Topeka Landscape has been locally-owned and operated since day one. We take pride in offering our clients thorough and professional services that offer unique solutions for their landscaping needs. For professional landscaping, lawn care, and tree services, you need look no further than Topeka Landscape.

For tree care and tree maintenance services in Topeka, Kansas, contact the team at Topeka Landscape online now!

Topeka Tree Care Services

Professional tree care can help to establish new trees, and to promote the consistent growth and health of your trees in the future. Our tree care services are complete and thorough, offering you dependable solutions that help to protect and preserve your landscape.

You can trust our landscaping professionals with:

  • Tree planting. Whether you’re looking for ornamental trees, shade trees, or evergreens, our nursery manager has the knowledge and experience to select and source them specifically for you! Our team of landscaping professionals will deliver, plant, mulch, and stake them for you, so all you have to do is keep them hydrated and watch them grow big and strong!
  • Deep root fertilization. The process of deep root fertilization involves the injection of plant fertilizer directly into the root zone of the plants. This results in quick and effective uptake of the nutrients into the plant tissue. This fertilization can help produce thicker, more colorful foliage, bigger and more colorful blooms, and bolster the overall health of the tree, keeping them safe from a wide variety of diseases and pests that are prevalent here in Kansas.
  • Pruning. A bit of professional pruning (when necessary) will help promote healthy growth while discouraging pests and disease. Our team is full of plant lovers and horticulturalists that know just what to do when it comes to responsible, healthy pruning.
  • Limb removal. Trees that develop dead limbs present a considerable danger. Not only is the limb a problem for the tree itself, but it can also pose risks to your home, or even family. To avoid falling limb damage, our team offers removal services for limbs that are below 20’ off the ground. If the limbs are higher than that, we have partners that can help! Give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Tree Care Services with Topeka Landscape

Mature, established trees add character and beauty to any neighborhood, and Topeka Landscape’s team of professionals is here to help you attain them. Contact us today to learn more, or call Topeka Landscape at (785) 289-5892!

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