Fire Features Design in Topeka, KS

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

In the cooler months here in Topeka, nothing beats relaxing next to a fire pit or outdoor fireplace on a chilly evening. Adding a fire feature adds so many benefits to your outdoor experience, from providing a soft warmth against the evening chill, to adding utility to your outdoor space with some rustic cooking.

At Topeka Landscape, our experts have been handling fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for our patrons for years. We put every effort into bringing you the best service and quality in Kansas, and our job is never done until you’ve gotten exactly what you want. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our fire feature portfolio!

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Fire Pit Installations

Fire pits are a surprisingly versatile addition for outdoor spaces. Not sure what to shoot for with your fire pit installation? Try these ideas:

  • Brick fire pits. Brick works anywhere. It is classically appealing, easy to acquire, and can be crafted into an extremely diverse array of designs and styles or shapes. Brick is a mainstay of the fire pits we install, as we can always recommend brick pits with absolute confidence that our consumer is going to get a great product.
  • Cast iron fire pits. Cast iron fire pits are excellent for freestanding pits that reside above the ground. The conductivity of the metal allows for a great, warm, and radiant heat that makes cast iron perfect for warming up those chilly fall and winter nights.
  • Natural stone fire pits. Flagstone, limestone, and tons of other types of stone can be utilized to find that “perfect” look for your landscape design. And while natural stone tends to be a bit pricier, it will last more than long enough to make the investment so very worth it!

Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Our outdoor fireplaces are perfect for any home. With unlimited design options and a large selection of materials and features, your fireplace can be everything you want. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are available, and which one you choose will depend on your location as well as your home’s features. From a simple hearth to a majestic outdoor fireplace complete with a nook for wood and even a grill, your wants can be achieved with Topeka Landscape!

Gas vs. Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Features: Which Is Better?

You want to know the truth? There is no best option! It’s all about what you want for your home in Topeka. Both types bring advantages, and both have very few flaws if any.

  • Gas fire features. Gas provides a cool, clean flame that is quick to light and easy to manage. Gas is perfect for those who intend to get a lot of mileage out of an outdoor fireplace, as you have easy access any time you need it. The only thing you have to contend with is natural gas prices!
  • Wood-burning fire features. Wood is cost effective, and calls to our “rustic” roots. When it comes to a cozy, warm outdoor experience, a wood-burning fireplace just can’t be beat. The smell, the warmth, and the comfort are all reasons homeowners often choose a wood pit.

Outdoor Fire Feature Installation in Topeka and the Surrounding Areas

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