Retaining Wall and Step Design in Topeka

In home hardscape design, there are structures built to add function, ones that provide aesthetic appeal, and options that provide both in one. Both retaining walls, steps, and step stones provide both, and can help you build your perfect landscape design in Topeka! Our specialists can help you design and build flawless, incorporated retaining wall and step stone designs that will enhance your landscape experience.

Topeka Landscape has been providing leading design and landscape build services to Kansas homeowners for decades. Our family takes pride in bringing you the absolute best in perfect service, assisting you in gaining the dream landscape you’ve always wanted for your Topeka home.

When you’re in need of a professional, attentive, and perfect hardscape design and build team in Topeka and the surrounding areas, you can depend on Topeka Landscape to provide. Contact us online today to set a date for your consultation!

Retaining Wall and Step Design Experts

An ideal functional hardscape should both serve its purpose, and even more it, should add to your design rather than detract from it. With our seasoned design team on your side, you’ll find the ideal solution for:

  • Retaining walls. Retaining walls are often utilized to mitigate hard sloping in a landscape, or to remedy water runoff issues. But they can also be used to add dynamic beauty and structural appeal as well–they can (and should) even do both!
  • Steps. Dealing with hard slopes in your landscape, or need access to defined “levels”? Customized stone steps are your perfect solution, providing a beautiful, functional, and welcome addition to any outdoor space.

Material Options and Design Choices

Topeka Landscape offers a wide array of materials suitable for retaining walls and steps for your landscape. We carry the experience and skill needed to help guide you to the perfect option for your unique needs, including:

  • Natural stone. Natural stone is absolutely gorgeous, versatile, and available in a seemingly endless number of quarried and cut colors and designs. For the ultimate in visual appeal blended with function, natural stone is the way to go.
  • Poured concrete. Poured concrete is sensible, cost-effective, and very good at meeting a wide array of needs. You may find more visual appeal with other options, but for solid design and stolid durability, concrete is hard to beat.
  • Brick. Effective, low-maintenance, and widely adored, brick is the go-to for many an outdoor design. Choose from countless handsome and earthy tones including reds, browns, grays–or a combination.
  • Interlocking pavers for retaining walls.  VERSA-LOK, Unilock, Belgard, and Keystone offer homeowners perfect, simple, and superiorly dependable retaining walls.

Retaining Wall and Step Design in Topeka, KS

When you need solutions that seamlessly blend design and purpose, look to the specialists at Topeka Landscape to ensure you get everything you need, and deserve. Contact us today to reserve a date for your consultation to make your backyard vision a reality.