What to Plant in the Fall in Topeka, KS

Here in Kansas, there is a lot of potential for establishing a beautiful foundation for your landscape, and with the onset of cooler temperatures, spending time outdoors is becoming a truly pleasant activity. So, what happens in your landscape in the fall? The combination of warm soil and cool air enables plants to establish strong root systems before the ground freezes, making it an ideal time to plant.

Topeka Landscape has years of experience creating landscapes that flourish throughout most of the year. If you need help creating a lawn or landscape for your home or business in or around Topeka, we are the team you need!

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Plant Trees and Shrubs

Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs to get their roots established before winter settles in. Your Topeka Landscape team can help you select the best trees and shrubs for your individual environment, based on the soil and sun exposure, as well as your aesthetic preferences. The increased rainfall and diminishing number of insects allow young trees and shrubs to build a strong root system so that they are better equipped to endure the winter and thrive in the summer. Want more info on the benefits of fall planting? You can find more here!

Get Ahead on Spring Bloomers

Looking to add pops of color to your landscape when spring rolls around? There are many bulbs you can plant in the cool fall weather to give them a period of cold dormancy before blooming next year. The gradually increasing temperatures from winter to spring end the dormancy and begin the growing cycle. Need ideas of bulbs to plant this fall? Try daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths! As long as they are cared for correctly, bulbs are an easy way to guarantee a beautiful bloom come springtime.

Don’t Forget Fall Cleanups

It is just as important to clean your landscape in the fall as it is to plant. Tasks like collecting leaves, mowing, aeration, trimming, and mulching are all vital to keep your lawn and landscape healthy. These cleanup activities help prime plants and turf for the next growing season by strengthening roots, preventing disease, and ensuring the health of your soil. After aeration, we also recommend overseeding to promote seed germination on your lawn before it freezes over for the winter.

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