When another Kansas summer draws to a close, many homeowners think they’re done with landscaping until the spring. Why put time and work into a landscape that is going to get frosty and dry in a few months? There are actually some very good reasons to take advantage of some fall landscaping and lawn maintenance.

At Topeka Landscape, we always want to make sure you’re getting the most from your landscape! We do this by offering superior landscape services, and top-quality information on how to perfect your dream landscape. Want to know the how and why of fall maintenance? Let’s get started!

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Why Do Landscaping in the Fall?

Fall is actually the prime time for getting your lawn ready for the next growing season. Strengthening the roots of healthy grass, preventing future complications from disease, and ensuring your soil is in top-notch condition is critical for how well your landscape is going to perform when the spring comes back around.

What Do I Need to Include in a Fall Lawn Cleanup?

  • A “last time” mow. When you’re pretty sure your grass has finished growing for the year, give it one last good mow. This helps to keep your landscape free of catching fallen leaves, and makes the cleanup as the season progresses far easier. It also helps mitigate the risk of disease taking root in fall and contaminating your grass’ roots.
  • Aerate. In our discussion about the importance of aerating, we listed the two “best” times for aeration. Once in fall, and once in spring. Aerating promotes good, healthy root growth before the winter sets in, and doing it in the early fall gives your landscape plenty of time to heal up. The result is a healthier, more resilient landscape that is far more likely to survive the season well.
  • Trim up limbs and branches. Diseased or old and brittle branches often don’t survive the winter, instead breaking off and falling onto your lawn. This can be dangerous for residents, and pose a potential risk to your home as well (especially roofs!). Be sure you handle dead branches before a chill sets in, and if the job is too big or too dangerous for you, our experts can always help!
  • Do some mulching. Young greenery is at quite a bit of risk for the first couple winters they encounter. Laying down a fresh bed of mulch just as the chill of winter sets in can insulate them against the cold, and to fight off soil erosion and water runoff problems throughout the season.
  • Leaf removal. Make sure you’re removing debris and leaves from your yard after raking them up. We offer leaf removal if you’re too busy! We will bag and haul away leaves and debris for our clean-up customers. We offer one-time cleanup or regular maintenance.

Fall Landscaping in Topeka

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