Landscaping Plants, Flowers & Shrubs for Your Topeka Home

The perfect landscape for your Topeka home is a lot more than just a few nice plants and a bit of grooming. The ideal landscape is the sum of many parts; ones that reflect your personal tastes and personality. When we choose flowers and shrubs for your yard, we pick the ones that will thrive best, add visual interest, and complete your perfect landscape.

Our planting and softscape services incorporate a broad, diverse group of zone-appropriate plant life to bring you the ideal landscape to suit your tastes. Work with our seasoned and highly skilled design team to create the landscape you’ve always wanted! Creating your dream landscape is more than just a project for Topeka Landscape; it’s our passion!

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Softscaping Services

Softscaping includes more than just gorgeous plant life. From unique shrubs and vibrant blooms of color to mulch and well-groomed soil—our team can bring you the best!

Every homeowner wants the perfect set of gorgeous flowers and shrubs to accent and define their landscape. Trouble is, there are literally hundreds of thousands of plants to choose from! Choosing the right plant material for your space comes down to two major factors. One, finding the right ones that will flourish in our zone. Two, finding the right planting options to suit your personal tastes. By working with our design experts, you get the benefit of our years of knowledge, experience, and know how. We can help guide you toward creating the landscape you’ve always wanted!

From stunning, lush trees, and vibrant flowers to handsome shrubs, we can help you have it all. Prefer a more unique touch? You can have that. Or maybe you’re in love with the more local grasses and plant life (we know we are); you can have that, too! Our softscaping services include:

  • Flowers (annuals and perennials)
  • Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Mulching
  • Landscape management
  • And more!

Softscape and Landscape Management

Once your perfect softscape is set up, the most important thing becomes maintaining it. Many homeowners delight in taking the care of their perennials, trees, and shrubs into their own hands, but that certainly doesn’t mean a professional touch isn’t needed. Our landscaping specialists can ensure you get the most from your dream landscape year-round, offering services that range from simple mowing all the way to hand-detail sculpting of your landscape.

Professional Softscaping and Landscaping Plants in Topeka

When it comes to bringing our patrons the absolute best results possible, we make it a top priority. This is your landscape, and we want nothing more than to make it into the perfect dream image you’ve always envisioned. For the best perennials, trees, and shrubs in the Topeka, Kansas area, you can always trust the team at Topeka Landscape!

We provide landscaping designs and lawn care services throughout Auburn, Belvue, Burlingame, Hiawatha, Holton, Meriden, Sabetha, Seneca, Topeka, and the surrounding areas.