What characteristics define your ideal spring landscape? Do you dream of lush, vibrant flower and shrubs, or are you fond of creative and gorgeous tree placement? Maybe you love both! No matter what you’re looking for, the planting specialists at Topeka Landscape can help you find the ideal balance in your landscape.

Our professionals have been providing maintenance and planting services to Kansas residents for decades. To provide for our customers, we offer a huge, diverse array of spring planting services and products, ideal and perfect for suiting any want, need, or landscape design.

For spring flowers, shrubs, sapling plantings, and even more softscaping services, contact Topeka Landscape!

Spring Planting Services

When you’re talking about gorgeous, healthy growth for your landscape plant life, the secret is all in the planting. From choosing the ideal plants for your personal landscape, to balancing initial nutrients and placement, everything plays a role in how healthy and ultimately how beautiful your plantings will turn out.

Our professionals carry the experience and knowledge needed to help you select from hundreds of zone-appropriate spring shrubs, flowers, and trees, and we carry the right tools to ensure your plantings are absolutely optimized.

Our spring planting services offer you the options of:

  • Annual flowers and shrubs
  • Spring-blooming trees
  • Spring plants
  • Lawn care and maintenance services
  • Plant and landscape nutrition services
  • And more!

Spring Planting Design

If you want a gorgeous, vibrant landscape, but you’re not quite sure where to start, our team can help. The design specialists at Topeka Landscape can help you build the perfect planting and design plan. We work directly with you, taking note of all wants and needs, and then we help you define and design your landscape to accommodate. We strongly believe every home deserves a perfect landscape, and with our design experts at your side, you can be sure you’ll get it.

Spring Planting, Maintenance, and Lawn Care

Happy with the landscape you have, but want to preserve it and keep it looking its best? No problem! Our professionals are equipped to provide a complete and comprehensive list of lawn care and maintenance services that aim to revitalize and preserve your landscape, bringing you the vibrant, beautiful landscape you deserve, while saving you the time and stress of doing it yourself.

Spring Lawn and Plantings Services in Topeka, KS

When you’re ready to get the ideal springtime plantings and services for your Topeka area home, you can trust the professionals at Topeka Landscape! Our family-owned and operated business puts your wants and needs first, and we’re well equipped to ensure you get only the best.

Contact us online today or call us at 785-289-5892 to speak with a Topeka Landscape planting specialist!