7 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Kansas Home

home in Kansas with curb appeal


Are you selling your home? Curb appeal has a lot to do with the offers you’re going to get. It’s no secret among real estate agents and property managers that curb appeal matters a lot. It sets the tone for the home, and can make or break the sale. Presentation is everything in the housing market, and it starts with your exterior.

Boost your home’s curb appeal this season with these essential updates, and watch the value of your home skyrocket! Don’t have time to pamper your front landscape? Call the experts at Topeka Landscape for full-service landscaping!

7 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Update your mailbox – A metal mailbox with dents and scratches can really dampen your home’s curb appeal. Grab a new one from the hardware store and paint it to match your door and trim for a cohesive look.

Install new modern (or rustic) outdoor lighting – There’s a reason it’s called mood lighting. Lighting can affect our emotions and senses, and those old fixtures from the 90s aren’t doing you any favors. Update your outdoor lights and lamps to be more modern or rustic so they match the rest of your home.

Install a paver walkway – Your driveway and walkway are the first experiences a homebuyer has when they view your home. That cracked concrete path is giving your home a dated, neglected feel, and immediately puts off potential buyers. You can have a paver walkway made of cobblestone, stamped concrete, brick, or a number or other materials that will up the elegance and polish your landscape.

Paint your front door and trim – Having a front door and trim that pops really sets your home apart from the other homes in the area. Bright colors can also be an instant mood-booster, perfect for house hunters who might have had a long, tiring search.

Pay attention to your front windows – adding curb appeal is a lot like staging a home. Everything has to flow and fit together or else the appeal is lost. If you have a perfectly manicured lawn and a bright door but a mountain of boxes or storage in the front window, it kills the vibe. Invest in nice window dressings and keep your front rooms clear of clutter.

Keep your bushes neatly trimmed – They don’t need to be in the shape of unicorns, but keeping your bushes trim and neat adds a polished feel to your landscape.

Plant fresh flowers from a nursery – Or better yet, get professional landscaping services. Keeping your bushes, grass, and trees in perfect shape is a lot of work, and if you’re a busy professional, you probably don’t have the time required to make it really shine. At the minimum, trim all your bushes and make sure you’ve planted fresh flowers to welcome potential homebuyers. Rake up any leaves or debris from your yard, and patch up any dirt areas with sod. Rid your yard of all the weeds, and make sure to keep it neat.

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