Something for Seedlings January

Something for Seedlings December

Rock vs. Mulch

Popup Pocket Park - 8th and Van Buren | Topeka, KS

Building Great Cities: Topeka’s Better Block Story

We all recognize great cities when we see them. Vibrant cultural centers like Austin, Denver, and Portland attract and retain talent, diversity, and innovation. People love working in, living in, and visiting great cities, but what specific traits make a good city a great one? Alongside thriving economies, well-functioning city government, public libraries and museums, […]

How To Build Stunning Fall Container Gardens

Container gardens are a great way to add seasonal interest to your home, whether you put them in your entryway, on the back patio, or as a centerpiece on the kitchen table! With the official start of fall right around the corner (Sept. 22 to be precise), we wanted to share some colorful, texture-rich ideas […]

Top 3 Summer Pests In Topeka This Year

Top 3 Common Summer Pests in Topeka, KS

Although summer means pool days, grilling in the backyard with friends and family, and fireworks, it’s also time for summer pests to thrive. To stop pests before they become an infestation, you’ll have to be vigilant! Here at Topeka Landscape, we come across and prevent pests all summer long. Here is a list of the three most common summer pests that everyone should keep an eye out for!

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Leaf Scorch: A Common Ailment in the Midwest

leaf scorch - topeka ,ks

This summer has been brutally dry here in Northeast Kansas, and a lot of people have started to notice (and worry about) tattered leaves on their trees and shrubs. One common culprit that might be causing this damage is leaf scorch, a physiological and aesthetic condition brought on by unfavorable environmental conditions.

The good news is that leaf scorch is not an infectious disease and your trees can survive it if you keep up with the recommended cultural practices. Let’s take a closer look at what leaf scorch is, what the symptoms are, and how you can help control it.

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D2-Level Drought in Shawnee County

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM), Shawnee County is currently experiencing D2-level drought. USDM categories this as “severe” because this level often involves crop and pasture loss, water shortages, and sometimes water use restrictions. In this post, we’ll explore what this means for your landscape maintenance in terms of watering both new and established plants.

Drought in Shawnee County | Topeka, KS

Image Source: National Integrated Drought Information Systems. Link:

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Top 3 Shrubs With Vibrant Summer Color For Your Landscape

Top Three Shrubs With Vibrant Summer Color in Topeka, KS

Choosing the perfect plants for your landscape can be a daunting task, especially if you’re strapped for time. There are so many options out there, and for those of us living in the Midwest, the tumultuous nature of our seasons can be a real challenge. Now that summer is in full swing here in Kansas, we’ve been getting questions about what shrubs thrive during this time of year. We polled our landscape designers, and while they had a hard time narrowing it down, here are their top 3 picks for shrubs with vibrant summer color! Read more

My Sprinkler Heads Won’t Go Down. What Should I Do?

What to do when sprinkler heads won't go down

When your one, several, or all of your sprinkler heads won’t go down after a specific zone is finished watering or after the sprinkler system has turned off, something isn’t working properly.  No need to worry…it’s typically an easy fix! Read more