landscape and lawn care resolutions for 2017

Scratching your head over finding the perfect New Year’s Resolutions to improve your home and quality of life come 2017? If so, the experts at Topeka Landscape have some great ideas for you! Our resolutions are geared toward providing you with a gorgeous, healthy, and functional landscape come the spring, so you can enjoy your lush landscape all year long!

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Ten Resolutions for a Perfect, Healthy Lawn and Landscape in Topeka, KS

There are loads of great ways to optimize and beautify your landscape, but these ten are our favorite picks for 2017!

  1. Upgrade your tools. Whether we’re talking rakes, shovels, or even a watering can, low-quality tools both make your job harder and present risks. Harsh tools can bruise or harm your sensitive landscape, so invest a bit in tools that will make your job easier, and better!
  2. Learn about your landscape. Knowing a bit about the plant life growing in your yard or landscape can go a long way in understanding how to care for them, and what you need to do to optimize healthy growth. It also makes planning changes in your landscape easier in the future!
  3. Generate a seasonal plan. Speaking of planning, having a seasonal strategy in place is a great way to help you enjoy your outdoor living area. Consider plants that thrive seasonally, and have an idea of what changes you want to see as the year progresses.
  4. Tune-up or upgrade your lawn mower. Mowing isn’t everyone’s definition of fun (unless you’ve got a covered ride-on with a cup holder), but your beat-up old putter might be making it into a tougher job than it needs to be! At a minimum, be sure to sharpen your blades to reduce grass bruising. Want to take it up a notch? Invest in a new, modern mower.
  5. Get your landscape’s soil tested. Even soil a mile apart can have drastically different nutrition requirements, so testing your soil can provide you with loads of useful information.
  6. Get more function from your landscape with herbs and vegetables. Want more out of your lawn care in Topeka? Make it contribute to lowering your grocery bill. Any cook or chef knows that fresh herbs and vegetables are always the way to go. But at the market they can go for ludicrous prices! So why not grow them at home? The smell alone is worth it, and planting at home provides you with a cost-effective means of powering up your cooking to the next level.
  7. Take care of your trees. Whether it’s the threat of sunscald, pests, or lacking the proper nutrients, your trees need a lot of attention. Find out how to give your trees the proper nutrients as well as what pests and unwelcome fungus visit your trees the most, then take action to prevent them from ruining your landscape.
  8. Install an irrigation system. Irrigation systems save time, save money, and keep your lawn fresh. There’s just no reason not to use them!
  9. Invest in seeding and aeration. Decreasing compacted soil and increasing the likelihood healthy growth, seeding and aeration service in the spring and fall can unlock your landscape’s potential.
  10. Get to know your landscape team. Your landscape and lawn care team should be your trusted resource when it comes to what you need for your landscape. Getting to know a credible, professional team can give you access to all of the information and superior services you need to help you optimize and beautify your landscape!

Landscape and Lawn Care in Topeka

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