How to prepare your lawn and landscape for the holidays

As the weather starts cooling off this fall, you are probably eager for a respite from the summer heat. To keep your yard looking nice and reduce your workload next spring, make sure you prepare your lawn properly for colder temperatures. After completing necessary yard cleanup and winter landscaping preparations, a few festive additions will help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

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Clean Up the Yard

  • Rake leaves: Make sure your lawn receives the air and sunlight it needs to stay in good health and avoid disease as rain and snow become more prevalent in autumn. This calls for regular raking once the leaves start to fall until the branches are completely bare.
  • Remove debris: Leaves and debris can easily accumulate along the sides of your house or underneath the deck. Be sure to keep everything clear to avoid accidentally creating a home for creatures to move into during the winter!
  • Continue mowing and watering: Cooler temperatures slow the growth rate of your grass, but you should continue to mow and water throughout the fall to help it return to life faster in the spring.

Make Winter Preparations

  • Fertilize your lawn: Crisp fall weather is perfect for fertilizing. Apply a nitrogen-only product to provide your grass with much-needed nutrients to fortify it before the winter. We offer late-fall (and year-round) lawn maintenance as part of our Green Select lawn care program.
  • Plant trees: Cooler air temperatures and warm soil make fall the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. These conditions give the root systems of young plants a chance to become established for thriving growth come springtime.
  • Add mulch: If you don’t already have mulch in your garden beds and around trees, lay some down before the first freeze. This layer of protection insulates plant roots against the cold and wards off soil erosion from heavy fall rain.
  • Water and mow one last time: Right before the weather officially turns cold, give your lawn one last watering and a good cut. Short grass in the winter is less prone to disease, which means you can expect a healthier lawn in the spring.

Get into the Thanksgiving Spirit

  • Plant vibrant fall flowers: Just because the weather is turning cold doesn’t mean you must give up on beautiful blossoms just yet! Fill your porch with planters full of mums, pansies, and celosia for lovely autumn hues of orange, bronze, russet, and gold.
  • Set out corn stalks and hay bales: Corn stalks are a beautiful fall décor item for flanking your front door or dressing up a tree in the yard. Surround the stalks with decorative hay bales, which create the perfect surfaces to set potted flowers, gourds, baskets of dried corn, and any pumpkins that didn’t get carved at Halloween.
  • Paint your front door and patio bench: If you’ve been thinking about repainting your front door and wood patio bench, do so now with fall colors in mind. Gold, brown, burnt orange, maroon, and eggplant are autumnal hues that will look beautiful throughout the rest of the year as well.

Schedule Seasonal Lawn & Landscape Maintenance in Topeka

If you need help preparing your lawn for Thanksgiving, Topeka Landscape offers the services you need. We’ll undertake yard cleanup and assist with winter preparations if you’re not sure how or you simply don’t have the time to complete them yourself. Contact us this fall for lawn and landscape maintenance in Topeka!