Save Time this Holiday Season with These Landscaping Tips

holiday landscaping in Topeka, Kansas

The holidays are here, and we couldn’t be happier! Soon we’ll all be enjoying great food, our favorite company, and, of course, some presents. But the holidays aren’t always fun and joy, particularly in the decorating department. Straining to find the time to get all of your decorating, planning, and lawn care in Topeka done this year? If so, Topeka Landscape is here to help out with some quick and easy time saving tips!

Time-Saving Landscaping Tips for the Holidays

It’s not the most exciting solution in the world, but really the best way to save time is to manage it well. There’s no hidden magic in how to decorate, short of hiring a superhero. So how do you manage your time, and save it where you can? Try these:

  • Get an early start. There’s plenty of debate about when to start decorating. Do you wait as long as possible like most of your neighbors, or get a head start on your landscape and outdoor decorating? Well, look at it this way. Come a few weeks from now, you’re going to be shopping, cooking, traveling, and entertaining; among other things. You are going to be busy. Decorate early to reduce your seasonal stress!
  • Carefully plan your decorating. Have a clear, written-out game plan for how you want to decorate this year. A plan not only focuses your efforts, making the jobs easier and faster, but it ensures you don’t step on your own toes trying to figure out where you want that last wreath to go.
  • Get the right tools for the job. Name the most frustrating part of holiday decorating. Did you say “hanging the lights”? Because if so, you’re like most of us. Lights are gorgeous, but they can be a real handful. Start by getting accurate measurements of all spaces you want to light up this season, that way you buy just enough light strands, and not too many or too few. Be sure to pick up some light hanging clips while you’re out as well. Much easier, way less stressful, and a lot safer than staples and nails (which you should never use for hanging lights!).
  • Consider net lights. Net lights are exactly like they sound—nets of lights you can drape over a bush or hang on a wall. They’re incredibly easy to hang and event easier to pack up until next season. Find them on Amazon here >>
  • Switch bulbs in outdoor lighting. Do you have outdoor or landscape lighting? Switch out the bulbs for your favorite holiday colors. It’s a quick and easy way to put some holiday cheer in your landscape. Find one on Amazon here >>
  • Hire out where you can. With all of the hustle and bustle, it can be pretty easy to lose track of the landscape itself. But what good are gorgeous decorations without a handsome landscape to back it up? Mowing, weeding, raking leaves, maintaining outdoor equipment, general lawn care. It can be easy to miss, or can be outright overwhelming to keep up with it all. Who has the time to do all of that? Well, we do! Experts like the landscaping team at Topeka Landscape not only have the time and know-how to make your landscape look great; we love doing it, too!

Save Time and Stress with Lawn Care in Topeka from Topeka Landscape

We have all of your landscaping needs covered this season! From mowing, to landscape and lawn care in Topeka; we can even help you plan out a holiday landscape design that suits the season to a tee. If you’re ready to focus on the holidays, and not stress out about time, contact our experts today to find out how we can help!