Top 3 Shrubs With Vibrant Summer Color For Your Landscape

Top Three Shrubs With Vibrant Summer Color in Topeka, KS

Choosing the perfect plants for your landscape can be a daunting task, especially if you’re strapped for time. There are so many options out there, and for those of us living in the Midwest, the tumultuous nature of our seasons can be a real challenge. Now that summer is in full swing here in Kansas, we’ve been getting questions about what shrubs thrive during this time of year. We polled our landscape designers, and while they had a hard time narrowing it down, here are their top 3 picks for shrubs with vibrant summer color!

Best Shrubs With Vibrant Summer Color

Summer Wine Ninebark: This rounded, deciduous shrub boasts dramatic purple-crimson foliage and delicate pink bloom clusters that are perfect for a cut flower arrangement. As the plant matures, it also develops an exfoliating bark that has huge visual appeal. Summer Wine Ninebark is easy to grow and is relatively low maintenance, making it a great addition to most landscapes. With a moderate growth rate and a mature size of 5′ high with a 5′ spread, Summer Wine Ninebark pairs nicely with bright, color complementary plants, such as Magic Carpet Spirea, Old Gold Juniper, and Happy Returns Daylily.

Here is some basic info on how to keep your Summer Wine Ninebark happy!

Magic Carpet Spirea: This mounding, deciduous shrub is a magnificent display of vibrant colors. Small clusters of pink flowers contrast perfectly with mature, gold foliage. The added magic comes when that foliage transforms into a rich red in autumn! Magic Carpet Spirea offers a significant amount of color variance throughout the seasons, making it appealing to those who seek diversity in their landscapes. With a moderate growth rate and a mature size of 2-3′ high with a 2-3′ spread, Magic Carpet Spirea can be used in a mass planting near Summer Wine Ninebark for a dazzling display of beautiful summer color.

Here is some basic info on how to keep your magic carpet spirea happy!

Incrediball Hydrangea: With floriferous, romantic blooms, this deciduous shrub is as reliable as it is beautiful. The massive flower clusters of the Incrediball Hydrangea transition from green to white, then back to green, and the sturdy stems hold the blooms upright even after a heavy rain. This particular variety of hydrangea prefers growing in the shade, but it will also tolerate partial sun. For best results, plant these on the North or East side of your home to get soft, morning light. With a moderate growth rate and a mature size of 4′ high with a 4′ spread, we love placing Incrediball Hydrangea near patios and entryways to create a stunning focal point.

Here is some basic info on how to keep your hydrangea happy!

Things You Need To Consider Before Planting New Shrubs

There are so many wonderful shrubs with vibrant summer color, and these are just a few our favorites that do well in our zone. When choosing the right plants for your landscape, make sure you consider these important factors:

  • The amount of sun they’ll receive;
  • Whether you’ll be able to hydrate them effectively;
  • The mature size of the plant;
  • The growth rate of the plant,
  • Proper drainage for the root systems.

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