How Often Should My Lawn Care Company Come?

When considering professional lawn care in Topeka, you probably have a lot of questions. They can range from practical and straightforward, all the way to the more complex (though the important thing to note is that all questions are important and valued!). But what question do we get more than any other? How often your lawn care professionals should visit!

At Topeka Landscape, our team is wholly dedicated to ensuring your needs are always met first and foremost. We’ve been providing locally-owned and operated perfection to our patrons for years! Wondering how often our experts should be paying your yard a visit? We’d be more than happy to get you some answers.

How Often Should I Seek Professional Lawn Care?

Like most things, the answer isn’t necessarily cut and dry. There are plenty of variables at play, such as what kind of lawn care you’re looking for and what kind of landscape you own. But speaking generally, we can work out a pretty solid estimate.

Consistent Lawn Care is Key

One of the most important dictators of how often you need professional care is how well your landscape is cared for. A healthy, consistently well-maintained lawn tends to grow at a very steady, predictable rate. This means one that gets ample (but not excessive) water either naturally or with irrigation, one that is fed properly, and one that sees consistent care.

The more consistent your landscaper visits, the more consistent the health and growth of your landscape will become. Once this is established (usually by early to mid-spring), you can get a better idea of how often you’re going to need a professional visit. For the most part, you can expect to want to seek professional mowing, trimming, etc. weekly or bi-weekly.

Variables Due to Weather

Whether or not the weather wants to cooperate also plays a part here. If you’re seeing too much or too little rainfall, you might want mowing services less often, as growth will be at a minimum. On the other hand, if we’re getting extremely consistent rainy weather, you might want to move that bi-weekly care to weekly.

Variables Due to Lawn Health

Some other issues you might encounter could necessitate, or at least create a recommendation for, additional or extra visits. If you’re having weed troubles, having issues with unhealthy plants, or find yourself dealing with a huge and unexpected amount of yard detritus (such as you would find after storms) then you might consider additional professional care visits.

Professional Lawn Care in Topeka

Seems like a lot of “if” and “maybe”, right? The truth is that most lawns are fairly unique, and so it’s kind of hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to get a definitive answer of what meets your needs best is to consult the professionals at Topeka Landscape! We know all there is to know about lawn care in Topeka, and we would love nothing more than to share that expertise and knowledge with you at any opportunity.

Want to learn more, or set a date for your professional lawn care visit in Topeka? Contact our specialists today! To check out other frequently asked questions, click here!