An Ode to Ornamental Grass

Beyond the excitement surrounding the holidays, the onset of winter can leave folks feeling a bit lack luster at times. The vibrant colors of summer and fall have faded away. The trees have shed their leaves, leaving them bare and dormant. It seems like everything in nature has settled into varying shades of gray. Landscapers are optimists, if nothing else, always seeking to find beauty in our surroundings. Considering all this, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to one of the shining stars of the winter landscape: ornamental grasses! Read more

When to Remove Stakes from Trees

Newly planted trees are typically staked to provide additional support until the tree has established a root system strong enough to serve as its own anchor.  These stakes are only intended as a temporary aid. It’s important to remove them a year after planting, or after one full growing season. If trees are left staked for too long, the stakes can end up hindering growth, so don’t forget about them! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your trees and stakes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Thanksgiving

As the weather starts cooling off this fall, you are probably eager for a respite from the summer heat. To keep your yard looking nice and reduce your workload next spring, make sure you prepare your lawn properly for colder temperatures. After completing necessary yard cleanup and winter landscaping preparations, a few festive additions will help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

For help with seasonal lawn maintenance in Topeka, contact the experts at Topeka Landscape by calling 785-289-5892 today. Read more

4 Bulbs To Plant This Month!

As fall progresses in northeast Kansas, cooler soil temperatures create ideal conditions for planting bulbs that yield spring-blooming perennials. Getting these bulbs safely into the ground by the end of November (weather dependent, of course) will result in bursts of vibrant color when spring rolls around – a welcomed sight for sore eyes. Are you looking for ways to improve your curb appeal and add visual interest to your landscape? Check out 4 of our team’s favorite spring-blooming perennials that can do just that! Read more

Keep Watering Through Fall & Winter

We are out and about turning off irrigation systems in preparation for winter, but it’s important to remember that your plants will still need water throughout late fall and into winter! Proper hydration helps plants with root development and encourages them to flower and mature when growing season rolls back around. Even as plants go dormant during winter, you’ll need to keep up with watering them. With dry air, fluctuating temperatures, frigid wind, and low amounts of precipitation, winter watering is critical to avoid winter desiccation and for the survival and health of young trees, shrubs, and plants in your landscape. Read more

Let Your Light Shine

With nights growing longer, now is a great time to look at the different types outdoor lighting and figure out which ones are most beneficial for you! First and foremost, it’s important to understand that landscape lighting has several benefits. One major benefit is that you can enjoy your outdoor living space after the sun has gone down. Another is the aesthetic value. With the right lighting, you can create focal points and accentuate your gorgeous landscape in the evenings. Finally, adding outdoor lighting can significantly increase the safety at your home.

Depending on what specific goals you’d like to achieve, there are different types of lighting that will help satisfy your needs! Let’s look at some of the styles that are available. Read more