It’s Time to Start Thinking About Spring Lawn Care!

Although the air here in NE Kansas is still chilly, spring will be here sooner than you expect. Now is a great time to make sure that you have a plan for lawn care in 2018. When you turn your lawn care over to the dedicated team at Topeka Landscape, your lawn is sure to look the best it ever has!

If reviving your wintry Topeka-area lawn sounds daunting, don’t stress over it! Professional lawn care assistance is right at your fingertips. With our 6-step lawn care program, you’ll feel confident about the state of your lawn going into spring. So, even with local Kansas winter landscapes currently a bit barren, now is the perfect time to schedule lawn services for this coming year! Read more

Your Start-To-Finish Outdoor Contractor

A common misconception about professional landscaping companies is that all we do is cut grass and plant flowers. While we do enjoy the sight of well-manicured lawns and healthy landscape beds full of colors and textures, we also excel at much more than just that! The truth is, if you’re planning to do a major project in your outdoor living area, Topeka Landscape (or your go-to local landscaping company) might be the first place you need to call! Check out these 5 projects that you may be surprised to find out we can help with. Read more

Win Big at the Kansas Garden Show


The 43rd annual Kansas Garden Show is right around the corner, and our team is getting excited about it! From February 9 through February 11, 2018, the Kansas Expocentre will be transformed into a beautiful springtime sanctuary complete with flowers in bloom and water features flowing. The Kansas Garden Show is a wonderful way to shake off the winter blues and gather lots of new ideas for the coming year. Save the date and come browse hundreds of displays put together by local landscaping companies, garden centers, outdoor furniture providers, and more! Read more

3 Lawn and Landscape Resolutions for 2018

The thing about most new year’s resolutions is that they rarely last, even for those of us with the best of intentions. That’s why here at Topeka Landscape, we like to make resolutions that we know we can keep – resolutions that are geared toward giving our clients the beautiful, functional lawn and landscape they deserve! Winter is a great time to start planning for 2018 projects, so we put together a short list of things you can be resolute in improving this year. Read more

The case for biophilia

According to a study commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), people spend an average of 90% of their time either indoors or in a motor vehicle. Ninety percent! That’s huge! The requisite for human survival has become less dependent on being outdoors, driving us into warmer, safer, more controlled environments. And while being warm, safe, and relatively in control are very good things, there are unintended consequences that come with this state of being.

As landscapers and self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to learn more about this 90% statistic and see what methods we could use to help our clients and community become more attuned with nature. We listened in on a webinar about biophilic design presented by Rebecca Lindenmeyr, a WELL-AP certified Ecological Designer. Here is some of what we learned! Read more

An Ode to Ornamental Grass

Beyond the excitement surrounding the holidays, the onset of winter can leave folks feeling a bit lack luster at times. The vibrant colors of summer and fall have faded away. The trees have shed their leaves, leaving them bare and dormant. It seems like everything in nature has settled into varying shades of gray. Landscapers are optimists, if nothing else, always seeking to find beauty in our surroundings. Considering all this, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to one of the shining stars of the winter landscape: ornamental grasses! Read more