2016 Designers’ Showhouse

This year, Topeka Landscape was proud to partner with Child Care Aware of Eastern Kansas on their grass-roots fundraiser, the Designers’ Showhouse. Now in its 36th year, the Designers’ Showhouse is the agency’s signature fundraiser and helps support the development of programs and services offered to young children that improve the quality and availability child care for working families. The Topeka community has always been our home, and we love to support it, so our team went out and visited this years home located at 6400 SW Suffolk Rd. Here’s what we found:

Renovations are an important factor in retaining functionality and creating value for home owners. A solution that worked 20 years ago may not work today. Our responsibility as landscaping professionals is to address necessary improvements and always strive for excellence in the recommendations we make for our clients. In our early discussions with the homeowners, we discovered that the existing landscaping had been done nearly two decades ago and we all agreed that it had run its course. The improvements we decided on together allow the beauty of this Southwest Topeka home to shine in a way it never has before.

We noticed that the current shrubs were planted too close to the home. This was causing the plants to rub against the house. We removed these plantings and replaced them with new ones further away from the home. The combination of Black-eyed Susans, Knockout Roses, Day Lilies, and Burning Bushes (just to name a few) provide a great balance of color that will offer beauty seasonally. We also added a dry-stack stone wall in front of the home that provides depth and character to the property. These simple and intelligent touches take the exterior to the next level.

The homeowners were looking to increase the effect of their landscape at night. In order to help them achieve this goal we have installed extensive outdoor lighting. The addition of up-lights and down-lights add visual appeal while increasing the safety of the home. Another goal was to create positive drainage for the property – paying close attention to the grade around any property helps direct storm runoff. Whenever we advise a home owner to help reduce the risk of drainage issues, it benefits them and any potential future owners.

Topeka Landscape has been building relationships through landscape design, installation, and maintenance since 1994, giving us the experience to handle any project on any budget. Our goal is to consistently provide high-quality landscape solutions that not only enhance the value of your home, but are aesthetically pleasing, imaginative, properly installed and tailored to your person style. There is no job too big or too small: let us bring your outdoor imagination to life.

Want to check out all the interior and exterior renovations at this year’s showhouse? The home will be open to the public April 23 – May 15, 2016. Stop by and check it out for yourself!

Topeka Landscape wishes to thank:

  • The homeowners for allowing us to work with them on their beautiful home.
  • The Topeka Landscape crew for their dedication and craftsmanship
  • All of the partners, suppliers, and contractors who help make it possible to deliver high-quality work in the Topeka community.