Spring is the Time to Establish Your Roots

Spring is the Time to Establish Your Roots

American poet and author Shel Silverstein wrote a book that summed up, in our opinion, the intrinsic beauty of trees. “The Giving Tree” teaches the profound lesson of generosity. The story focuses on the relationship between a tree and a young boy and, as it unfolds, we see the tree repeatedly giving selflessly.

As landscapers, it’s no secret that we love nature and the outdoors. We’ve been called tree-huggers once or twice and we’ve always taken it as a compliment. So this month, in honor of Mother Earth, we wanted to take a moment to write about our selfless, oxygen producing partners: trees!

In Kansas, spring is one of the best times to plant trees. Doing so allows the root systems to become established and gives the tree plenty of time to get prepared for winter. You might not realize it, but having trees on your property is extremely important. Here’s why!

Trees On Site

Planting trees benefits you as a homeowner or property manager. Beyond having an impact on climate change and adding beauty to your surroundings, here are a few other noteworthy benefits:

  1. Conserve Energy and Reduce Bills: Planting the right trees in the right places will help you conserve energy and reduce your bills by providing summer shade, winter warmth and winter windbreaks. You should plant large deciduous trees on the East, West, and Northwest sides of your property to create shade and reduce your cooling costs. Planting shade trees around patios and driveways will keep the cement and pavers cool. Shading your air conditioning unit will help it run more efficiently!
  2. Reduce Water Runoff: Trees are able to retain large volumes of rainfall which will reduce and cleanse runoff. This has a direct impact on the quality of water reaching our rivers and lakes. Furthermore, trees will reduce the volume of water rushing through gutters and pipes after a storm. That means you invest less in expensive infrastructure at your home or business.
  3. Increase Economic Value: According to Canopy, communities and business districts with healthy tree-cover attract new residents, industry, and commercial activity. An individual home landscaped with trees is worth 5% to 15% more than a home without trees and neighborhoods with tree-lined streets have homes worth 25% more! When it comes to businesses and commercial properties, trees attract people and encourage them to linger and shop longer.

Cliff’s Top 3 Picks:

Cliff is our nursery manager, resident tree guru, and an all-around knowledgeable guy! We asked him what his top 3 tree picks are and why. Here’s what he said!

  1. White Shield Osage Orange: This deciduous shade tree is native to the Midwest, making it tough, adaptable, and perfect for hot Kansas summers. The White Shield Osage Orange is both fruitless and thorn less with thick, glossy leaves that are dark green in the spring and summer and yellow in the fall. Added bonus: most deer won’t turn this tree into a snack!
  2. Burgundy Belle Maple: This maple is another fantastic deciduous tree for our area. Tolerate of harsh weather, the Burgundy Belle is especially popular for its year-round interest and dramatic fall color. In late September the foliage will turn red and orange, and by October it will be a brilliant burgundy color. Fun fact: the first Burgundy Belle Maple was discovered in Leavenworth, KS!
  3. Swamp White Oak: If you have room for a big Oak tree, this is the one! Native to Missouri, this resilient tree is easily grown in average, medium to wet soil in full sun. It’s a great tree for moist ground and low spots, but it’s also surprisingly drought resistant. Looking to add a canopy to your urban or suburban setting? Look no further than the Swamp White Oak!


Start Establishing Your Roots

The team of professionals here at Topeka Landscape has the experience and knowledge to help you pick the right trees for your home or business! We’ll also handle the transportation, planting, staking, and mulching for you. Contact us to get start establishing roots today, then sit back and reap the benefits for years to come!