Summer Outdoor Living Ideas


Backyard Inspiration from Your Kansas Landscaping Experts

Now that we’ve started to shake off the frost for real, it’s time to think about what you want to be doing with your outdoor space for the coming summer. What’s your outdoor living situation like, and even better, what do you want from it?

Are you looking for a community-minded group space, or a family-centric retreat? No matter where your interests lie, you might find what you’re looking for today with these great summer outdoor living ideas!

What Do You Want from Your Landscape this Summer?

Knowing what you’re wanting from your space is the best place to start, since it’s going to color all of your decision making and budgeting from here on out. The good news is you’re not restricted with any decisions–you can have it all! But knowing your goals is going to make everything simpler.

Some Topeka residents prefer and need nothing more than routine lawn care, simply wanting a gorgeous, well-kept landscape to serve as a beautiful home fixture. Some, however, prefer a bit more function.

Functional and Gorgeous Outdoor Living Ideas

There are tons of routes to take here, from the simple and communal to the complex and cutting-edge. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite 2017 summer outdoor living ideas:

Revamp and Update Your Patio Space

A patio can serve well as a place of gathering, or even as a luxurious and relaxing retreat. Designs can go bold and big, spanning even the majority of your landscape, or can be as simple as a secluded place just for you and yours, nestled in some lush, beautiful greenery.

If you’re tired of your out-of-date or nonexistent patio space, go for a new brick or paver patio! These patios can be designed to meet your specific needs, and serve as the perfect focal point of your summer outdoor living area.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for new, functional, and unique? If so, an outdoor kitchen fits all three. Absolutely nothing beats a cool summer evening outdoors with a home cooked meal handled right in your own backyard, and outdoor kitchen designs have come a long, long way in adding new life to outdoor spaces.

Go with a New, Bold Lighting Design

Lighting ties your entire outdoor space together, and sets the parameters for what you’re trying to accomplish. If you mean for your outdoor living space to be inviting and gathering-friendly, strong down lighting and path lights can do wonders. And if you’re going for more of that secluded feel, some creative landscaping and uplighting can perfect the look.

Outdoor Landscaping and Design with Topeka Landscape

Ready to transform your Kansas landscape for the coming summer? Call on the Topeka Landscape design team to get started! Our professionals have been helping homeowners get the dream space they’ve always wanted for decades, and we’re only a quick click away!