It’s Time to Start Thinking About Spring Lawn Care!

Topeka Landscape specializes in routine lawn maintenance like weed treatments, fertilization, and lawn mowing.

Although the air here in NE Kansas is still chilly, spring will be here sooner than you expect. Now is a great time to make sure that you have a plan for lawn care in 2018. When you turn your lawn care over to the dedicated team at Topeka Landscape, your lawn is sure to look the best it ever has!

If reviving your wintry Topeka-area lawn sounds daunting, don’t stress over it! Professional lawn care assistance is right at your fingertips. With our 6-step lawn care program, you’ll feel confident about the state of your lawn going into spring. So, even with local Kansas winter landscapes currently a bit barren, now is the perfect time to schedule lawn services for this coming year!

Advantages of the Green Select Lawn Care Program

At Topeka Landscape, we offer a comprehensive, regularly-scheduled lawn care that will start your landscaping off right—and keep it healthy—with expert maintenance service. As the seasons turn, our Green Select Lawn Care Program keeps the greenery around your home or business in top condition throughout summer and fall. Our six-step lawn care program includes:

  1. Lawn nutrition and weed prevention. Beginning in early spring (March or April), we perform a preventative weed treatment on your property. We also spread fertilizer with essential nutrients to get your healthy lawn started off right. Spot treatment of existing broadleaf weeds is always included. This treatment step helps keep the following weeds from germinating:
    • Crabgrass
    • Goosegrass
    • Clover
    • Dandelions
    • Chickweed
    • And more
  2. Fertilizer with slow-release nutrients. (April or May) This infusion of nutrients keeps your lawn healthy into summer. It’s also gentle on turf and soil. Spot weed treatment is included.
  3. Anti-grub treatment. (May to June) This lawn care formulation helps keep grubs under control. When we apply our grub treatment, it helps your lawn to avoid that spotty, patchy, summertime dry-grass look that grubs can bring. Spot treatment for existing weeds is included.
  4. Iron fertilization and micro-nutrient lawn feeding. (June to July) As the heat of summer really sets in, your lawn needs protection. This turf-friendly application helps your landscaping survive and thrive beautifully despite hot-weather challenges. Weed spot treatment is included.
  5. Intensive recovery with nitrogen. (July to August) We help your turf bounce back and grow after enduring those stressful summer temperatures. Our nitrogen-only growth formula enhances turf quality and thickness to spur quick, healthy lawn growth. Spot weed control is included.
  6. Root feeding for winter survival. (October to November) This nitrogen-only lawn treatment helps to preserve root health. The treatment encourages impressive early-spring landscaping growth and helps create a thick, vibrant lawn next year.

Additional Custom Lawn Treatments

As a full-service Topeka landscaping company, we can customize your Green Select Program with one or more of our add-on services for fungus control, nutsedge, and/or crabgrass control and more.

Trust Topeka Landscape for Year-Round Lawn Maintenance

The Green Select Lawn Care Program is a tried-and-true lawn maintenance plan, and we offer many other landscaping services tailored to your specific needs. Ask for a professional landscaping consultation to learn about recommended services to create your ideal landscape or care for your lawn.

It’s not too early to get this year’s landscaping maintenance off your mind. Contact Topeka Landscape and sign up for Green Select Lawn Care today!