How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good All Year Long

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A great looking lawn adds to your home’s curb appeal and creates an inviting space for outdoor activities like sports, cookouts, or simply relaxing in the afternoon. With just a bit of effort and time, you can create the perfect lawn and nurture it throughout the year to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Each season in the Topeka area presents unique challenges for your lawn, but by timing your lawn care appropriately, you can make sure it has everything it needs to prosper.

For help keeping your lawn looking great in every season that we experience in Topeka, Kansas, contact Topeka Landscape today!

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Winter can be tough on your lawn, but with an early start in the spring, you can make sure it has the care necessary for a good start. The first step is thorough cleaning, including removing dead grass, leaves, and debris.

Afterward, you can prepare for fresh growth by:

  • Dethatching to remove dead grass
  • Aerating to provide oxygen and moisture to the soil (ensure this is before pre-emergent is applied)
  • Applying slow-release fertilizer to provide nutrients
  • Applying pre-emergent to prevent weed germination
  • As spring continues, start mowing regularly to keep the grass healthy
  • Be sure to get your irrigation system turned on

Summer Lawn Care Tips

As the temperatures rise during the summer, it will be more difficult to keep the lawn from drying out, and weeds may become more of a problem as they start growing more quickly.

You can prevent problems by:

  • Watering during the morning and evening to prevent evaporation
  • Using a combination of drip irrigation and spray heads to maximize hydration
  • Applying more fertilizer early, before the lawn becomes too dry
  • Applying herbicides to kill crabgrass and weeds
  • Applying insecticides to kill grubs and other pests
  • Maintaining consistent mowing according to growth and climate

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall is the best time for seeding and fertilizing, as the grass grows better in cool temperatures and will develop a stronger root system.

Prepare your lawn for cooler weather by:

  • Seeding the entire lawn, especially bare spots
  • Applying fertilizer high in nitrogen and potassium for proper fall nutrients
  • Aerating to provide oxygen and moisture
  • Dethatching and raking leaves to allow sunlight to reach the grass
  • Composting grass and leaves for future use
  • Pulling weeds and applying herbicides to prevent spring weeds
  • Mowing and watering as required

Winter Lawn Care Tips

During the winter, the grass is dormant and does not require as much care.

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You can prepare for spring as early as the first frost by:

  • Cutting the grass short in the late fall or early winter
  • Removing any remaining leaves
  • Aerating and fertilizing before the first frost
  • Avoiding excess foot traffic to prevent damage, especially during frosty conditions

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