Landscaping Services in Wamego, Kansas

Are you bored with your lackluster lawn but feel unsure of how to redesign your outdoor living space? As a complete design-build landscaping company, Topeka Landscape can help you re-imagine your yard to suit your needs better. From selecting local plants to installing a fire pit to engineering a new outdoor kitchen, we can handle every aspect of your landscape design.

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Wamego’s Premier Design-Build Landscaper

Looking for a landscape that perfectly matches your personal style and Kansas’s climate? Topeka Landscape has the custom design-build skills you need to make that happen! We have in-house landscape designers who will work with you to determine what will work best in your outdoor space. We can take your initial ideas, wants, and needs and turn them into a functional design that will flourish. Our process involves you throughout so that you can offer input on every element of your new landscape, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you wanted. To achieve this, we maintain an open line of communication to keep every member of the team on the same page at all times.

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Our Wamego Landscaping Services

We can take care of any custom design you’d like to create for your property. Our expertise includes:

Plants & Softscapes

Are you familiar with which plants flourish in the Kansas climate? We’ll help you choose gorgeous trees, vibrant flowers, and lush shrubs native to our area that thrive with minimal care. Our softscaping services include designing your garden layout and planting it for you.

Walls & Fences

We’ll help you carefully consider where to install walls and fences for privacy, as well as what material to construct them from. We can also assist with designing and installing retaining walls for erosion resistance.

Steps, Walkways & Benches

Add character to your garden with cobblestone walkways, steps leading to a gazebo, and benches to relax and take it all in.

Decks & Patios

From wood decks to paved patios, these hardscapes give you a place to mingle and entertain. We’ll help you decide on a design and install it for you.

Outdoor Kitchens

A grill on the patio is a good start, but with our help, you can design a gourmet outdoor kitchen complete with an oven, range, smoker, and countertop bar.

Fire Features

Whether you prefer a fire pit or fireplace, we can bring your vision to life with a custom-made fire feature in your back yard.


What do you want your outdoor lighting to accomplish? From creating a well-lit space for after-dark entertaining to making your home more secure to highlighting unique architectural features, we can design your landscape lights to fit your goals.

Water Features

If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the sound of trickling water in your garden, let us help you design the perfect fountain, waterfall, or pond.

Lawn Care & Maintenance Services in Wamego

Once your landscape is designed and planted, ongoing care is necessary to keep it looking beautiful. If you don’t want to perform lawn care yourself, let our Wamego landscape maintenance team take care of it for you! Our services include:

Lawn Mowing

With regular mowing services, you never have to worry about your grass overgrowing or drying out.

Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance & Repair

An automatic sprinkler system is a smart investment for your Wamego home. Whether you need your system installed, maintained, or repaired, our team can handle it.


We make sure your lawn looks its best in every season with carefully timed and expertly executed fertilization.

Weed & Pest Control

Don’t let these pesky, unsightly intruders overrun your garden. With services from our Wamego landscapers, you can keep weeds and pests under control.

Tree Care

From insecticide treatments to pruning to removal, we meet all your tree care needs.

Seasonal Cleanup

The transitional spring and fall seasons are the time to clean up your Wamego garden in time for changing temperatures. We can handle this chore so you don’t have to.

Snow Removal

If you lack the time or physical capability to shovel your walks and driveway, let Topeka Landscape tackle the job.

Customizable Maintenance Plans

While you can always schedule individual services, you may find it more convenient to arrange bi-weekly or monthly lawn maintenance. Our services will keep your garden in tip-top shape with no effort on your part!

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For quality landscape services in Wamego, choose Topeka Landscape. We’ll work with your design preferences and budget to exceed your expectations and create a landscape you’ll love for years to come.

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